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Q - What is Annual management of HP computers?

A - Annual management of a computer system is a scheme where you pay us yearly and we undertake all the repairs for your systems. It is a semi-holistic scheme which comes in different tiers: the software, the hardware, and the holistic.

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Q - My HP Pavilion touch is not working; what might be the issue?

A - When it comes to the touch functionality of the HP computers, it is optimal at best. The issues that might mire the touch screen functionality are most probably by the operating system.

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Q - Is remote assistance a successful method for assistance?

A - Remote assistance entails our technicians taking in the reins of your system and doing remote troubleshoots. Some of the more insidious software issues could only be fixed by the intervention of our technical experts. If you are apprehensive about this process, we assure you that all the fixes would happen in your controlled environments. Moving on to the query to if they are successful, we would like to stress on the fact that they indeed are.

Q - What are the most prominent fixes for a broken laptop screen?

A - If he screen is broken, depending on the effect to the display system, the final fix is most often replacement. But exceptions can be made if there is urgency. Our repair technicians can make the frame robust enough so that the display could be used even after breaking. But for more substantial repairs, replacements are needed.

Q - What are types of LCD screen that you would provide?

A - Depending upon the make and model of the HP computer, we can either provide you with a touch screen or a generic screen. The types of screen do not end there. As a third party repair centre, we are obliged to tell you that there are multiple screen materials out there. Depending on your upgrading needs, the display quality we provide would vary. These materials include the highly responsive ones, to the scratch resistance ones.

Q - Do you avail HP care pack?

A - HP carepack entails the official support for your equipment from the official HP site. As we are a third party repair technicians, we are not at the liberty to provide you with this subscription based support. But instead we have the other subscription based care package, called the Annual maintenance that you might be interested in.

Q - How do I contact your repair centre?

A - To contact our Hp repair centre, you can contact on our toll-free HP support number 1800-000-000. This number is completely toll-free. We understand the stigma associated with the toll free numbers. But you do not have to worry; we host many technicians at our disposal. To that end, your call won’t be put on hold for extended amount of time.

Q - What if your repairs do not satisfy me?

A - Our technicians are extremely talented. To that end, we still understand the meaning of integrity and professionalism. We therefore, have employed a policy of “no fix no fees”. In this scheme, if you are not satisfied by our repairs, you would get our apology and you are in no way obligated to pay us in this situation. This offer extends to our remote assistance service, repair service as well as Onsite repairs.